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Friday, December 7, 2012

bondage basic - single column tie tutorials

A variety of single column tie tutorials, for use in bondage and Shibari, as demonstrated by Twisted Monk, Esinem, and David Taylor.

All of the tutorials show the same basic tie, but there are small variations that make viewing the entire set of videos more valuable than any of the individual videos alone.  Twisted Monk manufactures and sells hemp (and other specialty) rope for bondage aficionados.


The two different single column ties demonstrated by Esinem help to illustrate the differences between bondage styles of the East and West.


Yet another tutorial, this one sponsored by Hebari, the owner of Naturally Twisted, a company that manufactures jute rope for Shibari and bondage.

  As stated in the introduction, there are some subtle differences between the various single column tie tutorials collected together for this post, but when it's all said and done, there are far more similarities than differences.  Practicing and learning any of the variants demonstrated here will help to give a person interested in bondage or Shibari a good basic foundation from which to work.