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Wicked Sexy Celebrity

by | Aug 30, 2017 | 2 comments

what does “celebrity” mean?

When I think of the term celebrity, the first people that come to my mind these days are movie/media stars.

Traditionally they come with pretty bodies and stunning good looks.  The same is true for many rock/music stars.

At least that’s the standard form of celebrity that comes to my mind.  Especially if I’m thinking in terms of wicked sexy for Wicked Wednesday.

Granted, that’s not the only form of celebrity.  Einstein was a celebrity of sorts.  He’s probably sexy only if you are a sapiosexual.

The line between politician and celebrity seems to have been blurred these days too.  Can’t say that I’ve ever found a politician sexy.

Well, excepting perhaps Bella Abzug.  And, that’s admiration for her style and activism more than anything truly sexual.

I consider Kathy Bates to be a celebrity.  And, she’s sexy to my taste.  She’s a talented actress.  Her energy, intelligence, and intensity appeal to my senses.  But, she’s not beautiful in the traditional sense usually associated with fame and celebrity.
Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face. John Updike

the Gillian Anderson incident

When the X-Files first came out, I had more than a little bit of a crush on Gillian Anderson.

The character she played, Agent Scully, appealed to me on a number of levels.  Smart.  Sexy in an understated way.

The role embodied a lot of what I find sexy in a woman.  Then I saw Gillian on the Tonight Show…

I remember Gillian telling Jay Leno about her recent vacation to the coast of Spain.  It all sounded very pleasant.

Then the fateful moment struck.  Jay asked Gillian which coast she had visited, noting that Spain had both Atlantic and Mediterranian coasts.  Ms. Anderson looked totally dumbfounded.  She had no idea that Spain had two coasts.

The moment was not only awkward, it shattered any desire I could ever feel for Gillian.  If you are going to a foreign country on vacation, is it too much to ask that you know that the destination has two beautiful coasts?

Sorry, Scully.  I’m afraid that Gillian’s airhead moment ruined it for me.  No more fantasies.  Desires gone.

Some may think I ask for too much from public figures like Anderson.  Perhaps so.  She never claimed (to the best of my knowledge) to be anything more than an actress.

The nice thing about being a celebrity is that, if you bore people, they think it’s their fault. Henry Kissinger

celebrity for celebrity’s sake

If there’s one thing I don’t care for, it is people who are famous for being famous.

This kind of celebrity usually starts with a fortune (often inherited) of their own.

A large number of individuals here in the US seem to associate people with great sums of money as being more worthy of adulation.

There’s no talent on display.  No acting or singing ability.

It’s just popularity for popularity’s sake.  Celebrity simply for celebrities sake.

And, this kind of celebrity often enriches themselves further off of their adoring fans.

I often see them selling overpriced and/or inferior products to their adoring fan base.

There’s no wicked sexiness here.  I just don’t get it…

supermodel celebrity

What I said about the folks who are famous just for being famous also holds true for the today’s so-called “supermodel”.  It’s a word that seems to be thrown around loosely these days.

What’s not to like about perfect faces? Exquisite bodies?  Eye candy?  From a purely visual standpoint, nothing at all.

By definition, supermodels provide eye candy to the world.  That is what they do.  It’s their job.

I enjoy eye candy as much as the next guy.  Perhaps more than most.  Obviously, I enjoy playing with images of beautiful bodies to turn them into my version of digital art.

If you are into just that, and give out eye candy galore.  If you know where to look, it’s great.  Awesome.  Choose a superlative, it fits.

But, beyond that, there isn’t always much there.  Generally speaking, your average supermodel celebrity isn’t going to give an exceptional interview.

They aren’t going to have as much as average acting ability.  Nor will they be great singers.  Their skill is being beautiful.  They are very good at it, in fact.  Wonderfully, marvelously beautiful.

But there’s more to life than mere beauty.

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. Kahlil Gibran

What is Wicked Sexy Celebrity?

I certainly don’t mind physical beauty.

You should know, I’m a real sucker for an expressive face.  I love a pretty smile.

I’ve played with some beautiful women.  That should be obvious from my photography.

But, more than physical beauty, I am attracted to an inner spark.

I become enthralled by intelligence.

I love an open, inquisitive mind.

A pretty voice can set my heart aflame.

As an individual who is kinky, there are a few other things I might find attractive.  But, that’s beside the point I’m making at the moment.

It’s the same with celebrity.

I’m attracted to talent.

I love a good personality.

A good wit makes me smile.

A pretty voice can be enchanting.

Intelligence is always fascinating.

That’s probably the biggest realization of all for me, in considering this topic.

I am a sapiosexual.  Intelligence is the greatest factor in determining my attraction to another individual.

Celebrity, or not.  A good conversation, a sharp wit, a pretty smile.  Those are the fuel for the fires of my desires.

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Came along to comment on this the other day but couldn’t seem to find the section- anyways I came back as I really loved this article. I think you have covered everything and I adore the images you have used



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