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Tie ~ Smutober Day 9

by | Oct 9, 2017 | 5 comments


The word tie for me just instantly brings up suit porn in my mind. Then I thought rope, silk, suit porn, a tie hanging off a cock, and back to suit porn again. Alright, maybe images of suit porn will help get the creative mind working for the word tie.

Well, it got some things working or rather flowing but it certainly wasn’t my creative mind if the moisture between my thighs was any indication. After about 50 drool-worthy photos of men in suits, I was at the end of the page and I’m thinking should I click next or look for other inspiration. I can’t help but laugh right now as I’m writing this because I want to go look at suit porn some more.

So yes, I did click next, I just couldn’t stop myself.

Right at the top of the next page were these two exquisite men in suits.

Really what’s not to like … two really hot guys, in expensive suits, half dressed, with cocks that make my mouth water and my cunt drip loving and pleasing each other.

Oh, and they had on a tie! Cannot forget the tie, it’s the word that got me looking at suit porn after all. There’s only one image that takes me from sitting pretty and dry to bitch in heat instantly and that would be Master Samadhi in a suit and tie. Thinking of that made me forget to save the pic of the two guys from my searching.

I think I’ll keep the image of Master Samadhi in a suit to myself ….. for now.

My father used to say

‘Let them see you, and not the suit. That is secondary.’

Carey Grant

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