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Sex Education – Sheryl Lee Ralph, Piers Anthony, Victoria Wood, Karl Kraus, Rod McKuen

by | Oct 3, 2017 | 2 comments

Sex Education

Quotations on Sexual Education from Piers Anthony, Rod McKuen, etc.

Sexual Education

Like many from my generation, my sexual education was self taught.

Fortunately, I’m a reader. So, before I lost my virginity (at age 13) I had already read the Sensuous Man.  My curiosity didn’t end there, I also read the Sensuous Woman at the same time. I wanted to compare the advice given in the two books.

By age 15, I had read the Joy of Sex too. I know that I learned more about sexuality from the Joy of Sex than anything else I’ve ever read. The Joy of Sex was the first place I learned about kink, bondage, and sexual play of all sorts. Obviously, it was enough of an influence that I’ve named this blog the Joy of Kink as a homage.

I’m not sure what ever happened to that copy, I’d guess that my first wife kept it when we split up. I didn’t keep much more than our waterbed and my stereo. I guess that would be filed under – the Joys of Breakups…

Sex Education Quotes

I cannot believe that my generation may very well have been the last one to have sex education in schools that was truly the complete and total package. I mean what are we doing? Are we in the future, but acting like it’s The Dark Ages?

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Sheryl Lee Ralph sex education

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Piers Anthony sex education

Piers Anthony

In fact, I believe that we need better sex education in our own culture, here in America, so that young folk learn about things like venereal disease before they encounter it.

Piers Anthony

In my day we didn’t have sex education, we just picked up what we could off the television.

Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood sex education

Victoria Wood

Karl Kraus sex education

Karl Kraus

Sex education is legitimate in that girls cannot be taught soon enough how children don’t come into the world.

Karl Kraus

We need sex education in schools, but we need it at home first. We need parents to learn the names of the teachers who are teaching their children. We need families to question day-care centers, to question other children and their own as to what goes on.

Rod McKuen

Rod McKuen sex education

Rod McKuen

Smutober day 3 - sex education

Smutober Day 3 – Education

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Michael Samadhi

Michael Samadhi - Joy of Kink Editor - author, lifestyle dominant, sex blogger, sex educator, photographer, artist, pansexual, sapiosexual, polyamorist, audiophile, historian, pagan/Buddhist, former political activist, and community organizer. I tied up a girlfriend (consensually) the first time back in 1980, and it's been a hell of a ride ever since.

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Victoria Blisse

Fantastic Education!

Rose Bliss

I especially agree with Rod McKuen… in my last job before I retired 17 years ago… that’s what I did. Encourage parents to get involved with the schools… meet the teachers, find out what was going on. Before that I ran a daycare and I was amazed at how many parents didn’t want to know anything about me other than how much I charged.



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