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Does Science Support Gender Neutrality?

by | Dec 22, 2017 | 0 comments

The Politics Science of Gender Neutrality

Dr. Debra W. Soh on Gender Science for Playboy

Gender is a hot topic these days.

To be honest, it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest trends, especially as a man who will be 55 years of age in 2018. It takes a certain amount of relearning, definitions and terminology seem to be more fluid than ever before.

I’ve always believed that what individuals do for sexual pleasure in the privacy of their abode is really their own business. As long as no one is being harmed, everyone is capable of giving consent, and their consent is freely given, I don’t care what they do. That’s a good starting point, but the discussions and debates happening today go far beyond that admittedly simplistic view.

I never really gave gender much thought either. We are all born with genitals, each as unique in their own way as are snowflakes. I can appreciate beauty in many different kinds and shapes of the human form. Once again it’s a good starting point. And, once again, the discussions and debates happening today go far beyond my admittedly simplistic outlook…

Science Can't Accurately Support Gender Neutrality - Dr. Debra W. Soh - Playboy

There has been a trend over the last year to obliterate references to biological sex. That poses a serious problem for how science can help inform public policy.

You may have heard about how public transit announcements in New York City have stopped referring to “ladies and gentlemen” and instead are opting to use terms like riders, passengers and everyone, following in the footsteps of the London Underground. More recently, Trinity College in Dublin elected to replace the word freshmen with the gender-neutral fresh and teachers in the United Kingdom are being advised to call children students and people instead of girls and boys. Last month, the Church of Sweden announced it will stop referring to God as male. Needless to say, there has been a trend in recent months to essentially obliterate references to biological sex in the name of inclusion. It goes to show how gender ideology is steadily creeping into every facet of our lives.

Source: Science Can’t Accurately Support Gender Neutrality | Playboy

To put things in colloquial terms, I don’t have any horses in this race. I’m not hugely invested in the outcome of the current debates centered around gender neutrality. My interest here is primarily intellectual.

What personal prejudices that do exist on my part tend towards the scientific. That was part of the appeal of the Playboy article by Dr. Debra Soh, it presents itself as coming at the issue from a scientific viewpoint. That doesn’t make science is ‘gospel’, but it does seem a logical place to begin to inform oneself.

Since it is a topic where I have at least a passing intellectual interest, I’ve also made an initial attempt to begin my own version of continuing education on the topic. In addition to following the debate in current news, I’ve picked up a few books for my personal sexuality library to help further inform me on issues surrounding gender neutrality and transsexuality.

So, it appears there’s more reading to do… Lot’s of it!

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