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Rebecca Burger Suffers Death by Whipped Cream
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Rebecca Burger Suffers Death by Whipped Cream

by | Jun 25, 2017 | 0 comments

Tragically ironic end for fitness blogger Rebecca Burger

Death by whipped cream

In a tragic accident on June 18, 2017, an exploding whipped cream dispenser struck a popular fitness and travel blogger, Rebecca Burger, in the chest.  The resulting injuries caused her untimely (and sadly ironic) demise.

Let me begin by offering my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family of Ms. Burger.  To have such a vibrant and vital individual taken from you in the prime of her life must seem to be an unexplainable and unbearable loss.  It’s my hope for you, that the knowledge of a multitude of others around the world grieving with you provides some small comfort.

The news of Rebecca’s fatal incident has sent ripples through the internet.  After an announcement by Burger’s family on social media, the story was then reported on the French language site Le Figaro.  News of the tragic accident was then picked up by the BBC, followed by a host of others, now including yours truly.

A popular fitness and travel figure who was widely recognized in her home country of France, Rebecca had more than 154,000 followers on Instagram.  Another 55,000 fans had “liked” her Facebook page by the time of her death.

In all honesty, the passing of a fitness and travel celebrity is not the kind of news I expected to be blogging about here at Michael’s Way.  It’s not even the kind of news that normally makes it to my personal radar screen. But, lines are very blurred today.

What’s news and what isn’t? Who’s a star and who isn’t? Where are today’s “sex symbols”?

Once upon a time, there weren’t much more than three paths to becoming the kind of star I’m talking about. Being a professional model, professional athlete, a stage or movie star, those were the only real paths to becoming a recognised sex symbol.

Rebecca Burger
Rebecca Burger

Rebecca Burger’s Ironic End

Rebecca’s death was made ironic by her status as a fitness blogger, and the fact that we don’t normally associate whipped cream and extreme fitness together.  No doubt it was difficult for some to imagine the fitness guru they admired “cheating” by making something sumptuous that included a good measure of whipping cream.

This is where the lines get blurred again.  Isn’t whipped cream something we could easily associate with a luxury travel and food blogger?

Certainly thouogh, whipped cream is something we can easily associate with a sex symbol. After all, a bottle of whipped cream is one of the most common ways a couple ventures beyond plain vanilla sex for the first time . . .

No one expects a whipped cream dispenser to explode, let alone for that sort of accident to cause life-threatening injuries. But rest assured, while rare, exploding cans of whipped cream do happen. In fact, a recall had long ago been issued for the particular brand of whipped cream dispenser that Rebecca Burger used that pivotal day earlier this month.

I suppose it’s the same thing with becoming a sex symbol, I can’t imagine celebrity is something a person could expect. It takes on it’s own momentum. Popularity of that kind can’t be planned for, nor can it be controlled.

In that particular way, becoming a sex symbol is not unlike a fateful explosion.

Rebecca Burger

Resonate Deeply

I’m sure there are a great number of factors that have caused Rebecca Burger’s story (and demise) to resonate so deeply with news organizations. Certainly, in life, she was a picture of health and fitness. Her beauty was both natural and stunning. Rebecca’s carefully sculpted body, a picture of both strength and femininity.

The lifestyle displayed on her Facebook page, Instagram account, and personal blog, was an enticing blend of romance, elegance, and the exotic. The photography is sumptuous. The meals she pictured looked delicious. The settings were usually quite luxurious. It’s all a very alluring mix, as her fans had already discovered.

Sex appeal sells.  As does romance, allure, fitness, and luxury. I’m guessing a lot of women who were fans imagined/wished they could live like Rebecca.  Most male fans probably wished/imagined they could live with her.

At the same time, Rebecca’s demise was sudden, unexpected, and tragic. No one expects a 33-year-old fitness guru in the prime of her life, a picture of health and vitality, to just die. Not. Ever.

The accident happened in a way that bordered on disbelief. When I told one friend about Ms. Burger’s demise, her immediate reaction was to doubt the story. There’s a lot of fake new out there. Who dies from a whipped cream explosion anyway? How could such a thing even happen? I went so far as to consult Snopes to verify the story.  It’s true.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, my heart goes out to Rebecca’s friends and loved ones.  I wish to offer them my heartfelt and sincere condolences.

For this special in memoriam posting, I’ve created a gallery of images.  All were original photos from Rebecca’s site or Instragram feed. I altered them all, giving them one artistic treatment (or another), as my way of celebrating Rebecca’s life, her celebrity, and her beauty.

Michael’s In Memoriam Edition – Annotated References

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