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Michael’s Portraiture For This Week’s Sinful Sunday

by | Oct 14, 2017 | 20 comments

Portraiture defined
I do not paint a portrait to look like the subject, rather does the person grow to look like his portrait. Salvador Dali

Sinful Sunday Week 340 | Portraiture

Portraits and portraiture have never been my forte.

When it comes to erotic photography, I’ve always been far better at chronicling scenes than attempting the artistic.

I compensated for this by developing skills with FotoSketcher, Photoshop, and a variety of other image editors and filters.

I’ve used filtered and processed images to establish a unique look for my site. It usually works very well for my purposes here, but not always.

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. Oscar Wilde

Today’s image is a bit different. It’s a deliberate attempt at portraiture. There is a filtered version (top-right – click it for full-sized version) I very much like. I can’t resist at least trying some filter and photoshop magic.

But, in this case, I hope the original (below) attempt at creating a portrait speaks well for itself…

A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’m more than satisfied with the results of this exercise in portraiture. I even prefer the photo to the altered artistic version, and that’s unusual for me. It turned out better than I had imagined it might.

Still, my own thinking is more along the lines of Goethe’s quote than quotation offered by Dali or Wilde. Portraiture only captures one portion of a person’s essence. It reveals a thin slice of our looks, and perhaps more than a little bit of a person’s style.

That’s especially true if we look at things from the perspective of individuals involved in power exchange relationships. A true portrait of a dominant (or Master/Mistress etc.) is something much more. As Goethe says, it’s our manners. I’m not meaning Miss Manners. I do not mean that we know which fork to use at a fancy dinner, although that’s good to know too.

For a dominant individual, our deportment and bearing, our caring and kindness towards others, can be a good measure. To my way of thinking, that is more of a true portrait. Being empowered to make decisions, to set the course, is a great responsibility.

How we wear that responsibility, how we wield the power given to us, that is our true measure…

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Michael Samadhi

Michael Samadhi - Joy of Kink Editor - author, lifestyle dominant, sex blogger, sex educator, photographer, artist, pansexual, sapiosexual, polyamorist, audiophile, historian, pagan/Buddhist, former political activist, and community organizer. I tied up a girlfriend (consensually) the first time back in 1980, and it's been a hell of a ride ever since.

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May More

I am so happy to be the first to comment. The filtered version is great but the actual version is fantastic. So many things to like about it – the whip you are holding looks cool. The light shining in from the blind onto your jacket must have been thought about by you. Your cap, the general staging. It’s a definite thumb up from me!


I love the filters you do each week but I really adore the non filtered image <3 The lighting and beams on your jacket are ace, the grip on the whip showing intent speak so much. Really awesome image x


You do really interesting images.

Of these two I like and admire both of them very much. But I think the top, filtered image takes the prize. There’s some mystery to it, and then it resolves, once your brain puts together what the eye sees.

Great pair of images!

Marie Rebelle

I really think the original is perfect. No filter needed 🙂

Rebel xox


Both versions are wonderful. And i am very much like you and far more likely to capture a moment than stage a theme.

catherine martinique

a disgusted gentleman, creative edit also.

Aurora Glory

Wow I find the original to be a fantastically powerful image! I always enjoy your filtered photos, but you are clearly a naturally talented photographer too!
Aurora x


I really like the pose, I can see it as a painting. Something in between the two images here.
I love the blue tones in the jacket, the lighting is fabulous x

Jo C

I like the original better, actually! The rays of light falling across you are lovely, and I like the intense way you’re looking down at… whatever it is you’re looking down at! You look very dapper – it’s a good look.


I really love the original photo. It tells an amazing story, the light, the subtle detail, it’s really great!


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