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Fun Creating Nipple Rockets

by | Aug 26, 2017 | 17 comments

Suction Creates Nipple Rockets

Suction cylinders create nipple rockets. At least that’s what the images feel like to my sensibility.

Today’s SinfulSunday contribution is a triptych of sorts. Three horizontal images together.

Before. During. After.

I’ve given demos to local groups using suction for BDSM fun and games. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite forms of play.

The model for today’s SinfulSunday is a lovely who goes by the scene name switchlove. She, along with her partner Justine, visited Chateau Samadhi a while back.

It was great fun. I very much enjoyed creating “nipple rockets” for her. I think we played and socialized that night from early evening until 3 or 4 am…

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Michael Samadhi

Michael Samadhi - Joy of Kink Editor - author, lifestyle dominant, sex blogger, sex educator, photographer, artist, pansexual, sapiosexual, polyamorist, audiophile, historian, pagan/Buddhist, former political activist, and community organizer. I tied up a girlfriend (consensually) the first time back in 1980, and it's been a hell of a ride ever since.

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Kilted Wookie

Such wonderful pointing.



Love the expression on your face on the third picture.
Orgasmic relaxation! Fantastic.


Oh my that looks like great fun


Oh, wow – haven’t seen this before. It looks just great, love the look on Switchlove’s face.

Life of Elliott...

Oh, I dearly love this!

John Brownstone

Love it and it has me curious enough that I may have to look into this as well, could be fun.

Marie Rebelle

Lovely images!

Rebel xox


Ye gods! I have a thing for big nipples so this is just my idea of heaven. I am salivating at the sight of these pictures – I hope you guys had fun! 🙂


Wow, I love this so much!


We have suction cups, like firecups but without the fire, I love the sensation and the marks they leave.


Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

They are such fun aren’t they!
And this is a fabulous “before, during and after” series!!!


I think her expression in the last photo is my favourite part! I have never tried these, it definitely looks like something I should add to my ‘to do’ list!
Aurora x


Suddenly i want to play with a pair of these. What a dramatic effect.


Oooh that looks like a lot of fun!


I love the before during and after idea with these images <3 Awesome x


I am a huge fan of fire cupping, so much fun!



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