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Watching from the Door – Smutober Day 2

by | Oct 2, 2017 | 9 comments

Image edited by Michael Samadhi
from Bound Gang Bangs (Pom Pom Girl gets Gang Banged by Basketball Coach and Team) starring Emma Haize.
Story by Michael Samadhi and Sinnjara Samadhi

Watching from the Door – Smutober Day 2

The old abandoned factory Master found was perfect for their fantasy. She’d been blindfolded and left kneeling on the cold concrete floor. Hands tied behind her back. She’d given her Master consent for this scene weeks ago. Every day since she wondered when it would happen. If it would happen. Now it’s here. And she’s ready.

Squirming, breathing, testing the rope binding her wrists. Feeling an intoxicating mix of fear and anticipation. Knowing there will be more than one man coming for her tonight…. Breathing deeply of the dank, stale air, she tries to control her fear. Yet, excitement coursed through her. Her face was wet from tears, but her cunt was just as wet as the blindfold.

Time has stopped, or so it seems. It could be racing by for all she knew. Down here in the factory basement, it wasn’t like the sun would have given her clues anyway. But, the damned blindfold, everything was black. Her brain was getting weird, fuzzy. The tears have stopped too. At least the blindfold was drying off. She concentrates on listening for clues as to what will happen next. Fears of unknowns still haunt her.

Why did she have to tell him this fantasy? Why did he always have to twist things so she wouldn’t know for sure what would happen?  “It has to be MY way,” he told her time and again. She fucking loved him for it. Except when she hated him.

Frustrated to be left like this, anger beginning to rise, there’s no choice but to let emotions go. She screams loudly, “JUST GET IT OVER WITH!” Words echo off the cold cement walls. There’s no reply. Not a voice, not even a whisper. She listens intently, but not even the sound of shuffling feet can be heard. The dank air doesn’t stir. The scream still echoes in her ears. She feels alone. And, in feeling so alone, she also feels small. So very small.

Her imagination takes over. Fear and excitement building still, all at once together. Finally, she hears footsteps and several voices coming close…((I also created an unofficial Smutober entry for “door” based upon a wonderful quote – “The door is there…”))

About The Author

Michael Samadhi

Michael Samadhi – Joy of Kink Editor – author, lifestyle dominant, sex blogger, sex educator, photographer, artist, pansexual, sapiosexual, polyamorist, audiophile, historian, pagan/Buddhist, former political activist, and community organizer. I tied up a girlfriend (consensually) the first time back in 1980, and it’s been a hell of a ride ever since.

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9 Comments on "Watching from the Door – Smutober Day 2"

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Indigo Byrd

Nice one folks. I’m afraid my knees would give out long before my imagination did (lol). I spent 3 days paving an area out the back and got “housemaids knees” for my trouble! not going there again. I can definitely see the appeal, but my body runs screaming!

Sinnjara Samadhi

Agreed on the knee issue, makes the fantasy that much sweeter for me.
Thank you for the comment 🙂

Victoria Blisse

Two entries, double the pleasure! Awesome. Love the image and the words here. 🙂

Sinnjara Samadhi

So happy you enjoyed both, thank you 🙂


Intriguing, a taste of build up to what we know not.

Sinnjara Samadhi

Neither does she … will she be left there?
perhaps another piece of the story will come along later 😉

Kayla Lords

I haven’t had that kind of scene, but any mindfuck can take you down that path, and it’s the thing I love and hate about them. 🙂

Sinnjara Samadhi

Ahhh yes you get it for sure!
Master Samadhi has a talent for the mindfuck, which I certainly hate at times, but oh how I love so very much too!

John Brownstone

What a great read, loved how her emotions played her from one end of the scale to the other. Gotta love a good mind fuck.


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