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Cohiba Red Dot Robusto

by | Aug 8, 2017 | 2 comments

Cohiba (not the Cuban) Red Dot Robusto

Sampling a Very Nice Dominican Cigar

What’s in a Name?

Tonight’s cigar to savor is a Cohiba Red Dot Robusto.

Just so we are clear, it’s not the Cuban Cohiba.  Instead, it’s the one produced in the Dominican Republic.

Perhaps, you are wondering about the name confusion?  It’s a real concern for the makers of the original Cuban version.

There’s even a longstanding lawsuit regarding the duplication of names.  But, as long as the legalities are still being argued in court, this particular blend will continue to carry its iconic name.

Technically this cigar is simply named Cohiba.  But, it’s commonly known as the Cohiba Red Dot.

I’m smoking the 5 x 49 sized Robusto.

Catalog Description

Here is the listing for the Cohiba Red Dot via Famous Smoke Shop:

Cohiba cigars combine long-aged Dominican Cuban-seed fillers, rare Indonesian Jember binders and savory African Cameroon wrappers hand-rolled into a rich-tasting, perfectly-balanced and creamy-smooth smoke. It is not surprising that this luxurious red dot Dominican blend is often the one preferred by aficionados for their medium body, rich flavor, smooth taste, and redolent aroma. Cigar smokers of every experience can enjoy this icon of great cigars at much lower than Cuban cigar prices, too!

Famous Smoke Shop

Cohiba Red Dot Robusto – First Impressions

This certainly isn’t my first dance with a ‘Red Dot’.

Although it’s not a regular in my everyday cigar rotation, the Cohiba has been a component in a number of different cigar samplers I’ve picked up through the years.

I also picked up a 5-pack of the Cohiba Red Dot Robusto at a cigar auction site a year or two ago.

In general, I prefer fuller flavor cigars with Nicaraguan leaf.  Dominican cigars (in general) do not have the powerhouse punch that many of their Nicaraguan cousins may pack.

But, they do have their charms.

I’ve been consciously working to expand my palate the last two years.  My tastes are certainly growing the more varieties I try.

As expected, construction is nearly flawless.  The cigar’s unlit aroma is pleasing, no barnyard smell here.  To my nose, it’s simply the rich aroma of well-aged tobacco.

Well, it’s time to do more than just admire this cigar…

Light it Up

My Cohiba Red Dot Robusto draws smooth and even.  Smoke production, while not what I’d categorize as copious, is certainly strong enough to satisfy.

Every Red Dot I’ve ever smoked has had a great aroma.  I usually get compliments when lighting one up in mixed company.  No exception to that tonight.

This particular sample has been in been in my humidor for more than two years.  The cigar’s already well-aged tobaccos have had more than enough time to blend.

The cigar’s flavor is quite good.  Honestly, I’ll probably never be the kind to finesse hints of raspberry or other exotic flavors from my cigars.  What I can tell you is that it’s a medium bodied and medium flavored smoke.  Quite nice.

My Cohiba was smoked down to a tiny nub.  It’s remained smooth until the end, picking up some strength to its body towards the finish.

It’s a good cigar.  It’s refined, smooth, and creamy. The Red Dot is not quite as distinctive in flavor as my absolute favorites.  But, it’s still very good.

If I was giving a score, the Cohiba would probably rate somewhere in the high 80’s.

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