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Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

by | Oct 29, 2017 | 1 comment

Whew, Things Are Crazy Good

But Likely Bit off More Than I Can Chew

milestone blogversary passes

I’ve been blogging about sexuality and BDSM for a long time. Sharing moments from my life in bits and pieces.

I honestly didn’t really realize how long it had been until the other day as I was writing. I looked back at my earliest post. Then I did the math.

The six-year anniversary of my sex-blogging efforts passed earlier this year, completely unnoticed. Time flies I guess.

I’ve undermined myself by some false starts. My existence as a blogger is scattered across a number of domains.

There have been periods during those six years where I’ve also lapsed in my effort. No doubt there. And, I let a hosting package expire. It just wasn’t in the budget.

I’ve also been held back by my own technical limitations.

I ended up blogging from because of those issues. I also own and But, they have been hosted by google via blogger. At least that was my understanding.

Trying to understand Google’s documentation for transferring a domain name left me cross-eyed. So, I started blogging with a 3rd domain, Funny how my attempts to create a “work around” have undermined me in ways I didn’t understand until recently.

more than a mouthful

Sinnjara’s technical expertise is leaps and bounds beyond my own. She built and ran a good number of gaming websites thru the years. She moved to Iowa, in fact, because a good gaming friend lived here. It seemed as good as anywhere else at the time. As she did the web design for, I began 

If you bite off more than you can chew, chew like bloody hell.

Peter Brock

to understand the full extent of her skills. Given enough time, she’s quite talented with computer and internet tech. It makes sense, she used to be a hardcore gamer.

She designed and ran sites for gamers and gaming guilds. So, late last week, she and I set out on a virtual adventure. Transferring domains. Uploading old backups. Building a better theme. All the stuff we just went through building this site. Except, having the added experience under our belts, it’s turning out even better. At least that’s my opinion. All said, there are now over 800 post drafts sitting and waiting for me to upgrade and publish. There’s still a three-year gap to fill in from a blog that’s proven difficult to restore. That was actually my most prolific time as a blogger. So all told, once we’ve finished wrestling with an old database, I expect something on the order of 1200 posts needing to be properly restored.

wow, just wow

I’d really never dreamed I’d be able to collect all of my writing and images together. But, it’s almost altogether overwhelming.

I’ve become a bit persnickety about how posts look. I’m not willing to just throw it together with a mishmash of looks and formatting. Not to mention categorizing and tagging everything, setting up SEO, etc.

I literally have a checklist on my screen I go through before each post goes live. Sinnjara’s not quite ready to unveil the new site.

I’m shooting for something like January 1 as a goal to go live. She says it will be ready much sooner. But, if I’m a bit distracted the next few weeks, please understand.

I’ve taken a huge bite, and am really hoping I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew. The end result will look beautiful, thanks to Sinnjara’s skill with code. Now I have to make sure the posts are equal to that standard…

See you soon, my dear reader, at!

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Well done both of you! I look forward to the unveiling!



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