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Are you participating in Smutober?

by | Sep 30, 2017 | 2 comments

I’m taking part in the festivities…

Are you participating in Smutober?

It was a late night, or perhaps it was an early morning, I”m not exactly sure.

Staring at my computer, slumbering with my eyes open, I was startled back to awareness by Sinnjara, my consensual slave.

“Master, do you want to participate in Smutober?”

She had been hard at work (like a good slave) on Michael’s Way, using her tech skills to bring my ideas for the blog to life.  Of course, I was hard at work too, in a different way.  It’s said that coming up with the vision for a project is the hardest step.  Invoking executive privilege, it could be said, perhaps, I was working hardest.


I replied with what I considered, at the time, to be witty repartee.  “Smut-cobra fest?  Why would I want to blog about promiscuous snakes?  Anyway, I always cheer for the mongoose…”

“No Master, it’s SMUTOBER!” she said.

“Oh… OK… OK…  What is this Smutober?”

I probably gave up my “cobra gambit” a little too easy.  While I do enjoy joking around, now I was actually curious!

Every day during October we shall be giving our erotica authors, sex bloggers and other creatives a prompt to inspire them. We are hoping they’ll use it to create & share flash fiction, excerpts, photos, recipes, poems and more from their interpretation of the theme…

Feeling Daring? Why not pick a day that appeals to you and join in the fun yourself!


with a little help…

There are a few more details that can be found here –  Welcome to Smutober!  It all seems simple enough, and it sounds like fun too…

I participated in a month-long blogging contest back in 2014.  So, this won’t be my first rodeo.

I’m hoping to manage an entry for each day.  But, I also know how difficult that can be to accomplish.

Sinnjara has asked some dear friends of ours to help.  Folks I consider to be part of my Leather Family, even if it’s not formally designated or declared.

Our friends are pretty kinky too.  They even have kinks/fetishes that aren’t on my list.  Not only is that ok (it’s great in fact) – it’s just a little unusual.

I’ve learned from them.  And, through that knowledge, I’ve grown.  Beyond being grateful for their friendship, I am grateful for that opportunity as well.

So, I expect we will somehow, between us all, be able to fully participate in Smutober.  Even if I sing out of tune (a common occurrence) ~ I’ll get by with a little help from my friends…

Will you participate in the Smutober festivities too?

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Michael Samadhi

Michael Samadhi – Joy of Kink Editor – author, lifestyle dominant, sex blogger, sex educator, photographer, artist, pansexual, sapiosexual, polyamorist, audiophile, historian, pagan/Buddhist, former political activist, and community organizer. I tied up a girlfriend (consensually) the first time back in 1980, and it’s been a hell of a ride ever since.

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2 Comments on "Are you participating in Smutober?"

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Rose Bliss

This is the first I’ve heard of this event, so I probably won’t take part this year. But I’ll be watching what you do with it. I’m also getting ready for National Novel Writing Month, AKA NaNoWriMo, an event that I’ve participated in every year for the past 15 years. The last few years my stories have been erotica.. I also just recently learned of the Smut Marathon, which starts in January, I believe and I’m thinking of doing that too.


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