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Introducing Anonymous Neighbor – Cocksman Extraordinaire

by | Dec 12, 2017 | 8 comments

Chateau Samadhi Cast of Characters – Anonymous Neighbor

Introducing Anonymous Neighbor

No one could be said to put a stronger emphasis on the word “character”, from among Chateau Samadhi’s Cast of Characters, than Anonymous Neighbor. It was almost as though he walked directly off the set of a pornographic movie right in through our front door. In fact, I’m positive the man missed his true calling, he really should have been a porn star.

There’s a story worth telling behind virtually every time Anonymous Neighbor visited our home. A memorable character, his personality served as an instant catalyst for sexual adventure. It’s not every day someone like that appears…

We first met him at a site called Adult Friend Finder (AFF), a place to meet adventurous minded people looking for play opportunities. The majority of folks found at AFF aren’t especially kinky, but some are, and others are open-minded enough not to judge.

Anonymous Neighbor
Anonymous Neighbor Serafina

Anonymous Neighbor enjoys Serafina’s attentions

Meeting Annonymous Neighbor

His name wasn’t Anonymous Neighbor, that’s a moniker I gave him later.

His AFF profile was two sentences long, with a naked “bathroom mirror selfie” and a dick pic. The pictures were quite nice. I think that’s the only thing that stood between him and hundreds of other anonymous profiles – a nice chest and a pretty (sizeable) dick.

When we met in person, Serafina and I discovered he lived less than 10 minutes drive from our front door. While that was a nice change from driving 90 minutes one way to find play partners, it was a little too close for comfort. Close is good, but there’s such a thing as too close.

He won us over with an impish personality. His manner’s anything but understated. Anonymous Neighbor’s the life of the party, and usually the first one to ask why everyone was still wearing clothes. Unlike other’s I’ve heard utter that sort of phrase, he’s always a man to back his words with action.

Dude, do you mind if I put my dick in your wife’s mouth?

Anonymous Neighbor

Anonymous Neighbor – Life of the Play Party

Our friend’s an almost perfect compliment to a great party. He’s perhaps the least shy person I’ve ever met. Obviously, there’s no shyness in front of a camera. And, no hesitation in giving permission for posting those pictures online either.

He already has significant amounts of experience playing with couples, and larger groups don’t phase him in the least. Some of those past partners were also photographers.

That sort of experience with photographically inclined couples is priceless, it leads to great awareness of angles and shadows. Anonymous Neighbor seems to truly enjoy performing for the camera, which shows through in the images that are captured.

I can certainly say he thoroughly enjoys looking through the pictures we take too. A look through the last session’s photos never fails to help inspire another. It’s an awesome combination of skills and inclinations, at least that’s my perspective.

Anonymous Neighbor – Cocksman Extraordinaire

We’ve had some really special scenes with our neighbor, some planned in advance, others quite spontaneous. With a dirty mind, a healthy imagination, and few inhibitions, Anonymous Neighbor truly excels at making things happen on the spur of a moment.

One of our best times together included our neighbor, Dee and her husband, Serafina, and yours truly. It was partially detailed in the Club Samadhi post I made for Sinful Sunday. That was a planned party, but his involvement in it was completely unanticipated. It all started with a phone call asking for a quick ride. It progressed pretty quickly from there.

Not much more than an hour after meeting Dee for the first time, he looked at her husband and uttered what might very well be the most unabashed words ever uttered in my dungeon. “Dude, do you mind if I put my dick in your wife’s mouth?”

Another occasion, again unplanned, Anonymous Neighbor and I gave Serafina a dual facial. It was a preceded by a very primal moment, as Serafina gave her first dual blowjob. It was a unique sensation, our cocks alternately plunging in and out of her mouth, her tongue straining to seek them each in turn.

He pulled out first and began to spray his load on her face. The smell of his spunk, quite unlike my own, filled the room as he shot across her face, covering it like icing drizzled on a cinnamon bun. Managing to hold back until he was had just finished, wringing the last drop on her chin, I joined in myself.

Between just the two of us, I think we gave her a pretty good approximation of the bukkake experience. Certainly, we gave her our all…

Anonymous Neighbor the Switch?

Last, but certainly not least, I should mention that our friend appears to be a bit of a switch. On more than one occasion, after joining in giving a flogging, he’s turned with a gleam in his eye and said, “Is it my turn now?”

The last time he came to visit, he confessed to Serafina and Sinnjara that he’s been a “bad boy” and asked them for discipline. They flogged him pretty hard, whipped him a little, and paddled the bad boy for good measure. It was so much fun for me to watch him get disciplined so thoroughly, that I’ll confess to joining in myself.

Another story, for another time, perhaps?

Be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked! #WickedWednesday

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Marie Rebelle

He sounds like an interesting man and it sure sounds like you have fun times together 🙂

Rebel xox

May More

I remember this guy from your previous posts, he sounds a lot of fun and quite a rare type of character – lovely writing as always 😉

Modesty Ablaze

Oooh . . . he certainly sounds like the life of the party!!!
Xxx – K

Elliott Henry

What an amazing post, I got quite turned on. I would have loved to have been there.


neigbor dude knows what he’s doing! and i suspect he’s been doing it for a while!!

Indigo Byrd

Hard to imagine someone other than you as the life and soul of the partner Michael, but clearly he’s up there in more ways than one!



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